Meeting once a month, our Connect Groups are more than a Bible study. They are where we go to grow together as a church. They are where we go to minister and be ministered to. They are where we connect through life experiences and build friendships together.

Elevate - Ages 18-35
Where do you go to connect with young people, single or married, that are at the same place in life you are? Elevate Connect Group is specifically for college and career-aged young adults. We meet the first Sunday evening of each month.

Destiny - Ages 36-55
Singles and parents of young families need all the help they can get. At Destiny Connect Group, you will meet people who are just like you; people who want to serve God and be successful in life. We meet the second Sunday evening of each month.

Impact - Ages 56-69
As we gain experience in life, it becomes clear that we can't do it alone. We need to surround ourselves with single and married people who can help us, pray for us, and fellowship with us. That is what Impact Connect Group is all about. We meet the third Sunday evening of each month.

Empower - Ages 70+
A life that's "seasoned" with the presence of God is a good life! Whether you're single, married, or widowed come and enjoy fellowship with seasoned believers and get Empowered to live life to its fullest! Empower Connect Group meets the fourth Sunday evening of each month.